My Story


Who Am I 

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blogsite. I wanted to make this site mostly on the Law of Attraction but I also want to include some sub categories on relationship advice, spirituality, psychic experiences/practices, and life experiences.

I want to spread awareness, share knowledge and universal love to all. My hope is to help as many as I can in any way I can. Through motivational speaking, writing books, and coaching others, I want to make positive changes inspiring hearts and minds everywhere.

I love reading, learning, writing, talking and sharing ideas. Since I was young I always had an affinity with books and language and had a knack with spelling, being able to recall each word through visualizing them in my mind. (I was born with a Mercury Retrograde so idk how that translates to me now.) My daughter actually has the same talent with words, she’s on the Autism Spectrum and is awesome at remembering the correct spelling for each word. I love testing her skills and asking her to spell relatively large words for me. I guess it’s a stroke to my ego when I see how talented she is.  I also have 2 young boys and a 3rd boy on the way.

What are my ‘why’s’. What do I want and why?

My #1 want has always been financial freedom. Ever since I was a little girl, i’ve dreamed BIG. I daydreamed of living in castles and later as I got older I downgraded my dreams to a mansion. I used to day dream when I was around 10 of being interviewed on my successes and fame. My mother probably overheard me talking to an ‘imaginary reporter’ in my room a few times.

My other big ‘why’ is to help others. I want to help needy children, the poor and the elderly in BIG ways and make large global impacts. My dream is to own non profit organizations aimed at feeding, clothing, providing shelter, water and education in third world countries. (So much for having a niche). I’m a big fan of ‘doing it all’ which usually makes any process 10x harder and longer. Lucky Me. Ultimately I want to pave a way for my children, their children and other people’s children. I want to show everyone that anything is possible.

So why did I make this site? Well, when I encountered the Law of Attraction for the first time (read more about that here) I was so excited and amazed at what happened and at the thoughts of what ‘could be’ that I just couldn’t keep it to myself. In fact, I wanted to tell everyone.…and that’s exactly what I did. Then I thought, what better way to share my experience and acquired knowledge of LOA than to blog about it?

And here I am now, after 3 years of ups and downs I can finally say i’m happy and working towards building on that happiness.

Are you happy? What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams? Who are you and what’s your story? I can’t wait to read. ^_^

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Chantelle Zapata



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