4 Ways To Effectively Utilize Your Facebook Profile

4 Ways To Effectively Utilize Your Facebook Profile…

Today I Want To Share 4 Tips On How To Effectively Utilize Your Facebook Account… so let’s get started!

1) Use a Captivating Profile Picture

Use a close up picture of your face and show those pearly whites. Let them see your eyes and a genuine smile, it allows them to see that you’re friendly, trustworthy and approachable.


2) Include a cover photo that shows your lifestyle

Let people see that you are at least building a life you love either with travelling or spending time with family. This will captivate them since it is a reflection of what they want, and they’ll want to know how you do it.

chiara lifestyle

3) Be Mindful of What You Post on FB 

If you are posting loads of negative meme’s or posts your not going to have success with converting leads. Plus you’re giving off a poor image of yourself and your business. Instead, post messages and pictures that will help people with their business. Motivate them to do business with you with inspirational posts. Also remember to post personal pictures of your current life. This helps your audience like and trust you.

4) Who are the main people engaging with you and how are they doing it?

Last but not least, look at who is engaging in your FB posts and how they are engaging with you. Get rid of the negative nellys. If they’re not the type to lift other people up and motivating them, they’ll be the same way with you and your business. Your objective is to build a community of POSITIVE people on Facebook. People who want to grow with you and want to see you succeed. Accepting just anyone to join is bad for business!!!

Implement these 4 tips and you will start to see more people visiting your Facebook profile and more FB requests (leads)!


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