Make It Believable


Whenever most of us dare to dream, we dream BIG! I know i’m guilty of enjoying larger then life dreams and goals. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high as long as we truly believe that we can achieve those goals.

A helpful technique that many people utilize to help increase their faith in manifesting is to start small. So in the example of money, let’s say you want to hit the jackpot at 1 million. Unless you truly believe without any ounce of doubt that you are going to win, you’re best bet is to start small and work your way up.

1.) Pick a number that you feel is right that you KNOW you can win. For some it may be as small as a single dollar….for others it can be $100 or anywhere in between. As you start to manifest the amounts you set forth, you’ll gain more and more confidence on your abilities to manifest larger amounts until you eventually hit that 1 million Jackpot (or whatever your number is.).

2.) Give yourself a time frame to acquire or win the money. And a specific means as to how you will attain the amount whether it is through winning it, working for it, freelance work, finding it, investments or as a gift from someone else.

3.) The final step and probably the most important, let it go. You guys heard ‘set it and forget it’? Well that’s the same concept. lol Preoccupy yourself with other activities so that your mind can allow the process of manifesting your goals. The quicker you desire your money to show up, the sooner you should let it go. Even if you only spend 1 intensive day on various techniques, the following days should be freed up on other activities so that you can truly forget about it. The longer you’re able to keep your mind free from it, the quicker it will come to you…you’ll probably even forget about the work you set forth to begin with.

Have you ever tried starting small first? What do your short term and long term goals look like? Share below ^_^


2 thoughts on “Make It Believable

    • Yes Ali. When we forget it or let it go we are putting complete trust in the Universe/God/Allah and when we have complete faith and trust, our desires are manifested. The same concept when you pray and have faith that God/Allah will answer our prayer, so we don’t constantly worry about the issue at hand. We just let it go and trust in God/Allah. When we truly have faith, our prayers are answered. It’s the same concept with the Law of Attraction.


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