Hotep, Peace, Salaam…different branches of the same tree


3 days in a row while working my rigorous 11 hour shifts at Amazon, I remember hearing the word “hotep” in my mind. But before I get into that word I want to paint a picture of what a day at work was like.

I often felt frustrated by the lack of organization and implementation of proper systems in my division.

It seemed as if everyone relied on ME to do what should have been a teams job. My team mates varied from the talented but poorly trained to the well trained (by moí) but lackadaisical work ethic. Then their were the few gems that I was eternally grateful for who helped me just as much as I helped them.

And I was stuck in the middle, running back and forth(literally) trying to pick up where others left off, helping my poor teammates and essentially the whole building. I sympathized with the night shift and hated leaving them with a bad hand off but was often left with my team members unfinished workloads at the end of the shift.

Sometimes I would finish theirs. …and sometimes I would say “F that, I’m going home. ” But it seemed like EVERYDAY i was stressed! Stressed because I was NOT the boss and I had no control over who stayed in my division and who got the boot.

Had I been “the boss” I would have chosen the *right* candidates for that division and instantly replaced the lazy and disgruntled ones.

But anyways, there I was slaving away when I heard the word “hotep”. “What the f#*$ is hotep?” I quietly said to myself.

The second day, amidst the usual chaos and madness while I complained out loud and in my thoughts. …I heard it again, HOTEP. It actually made me laughed when I thought to myself that it sounded like some kind of dress used by Native Americans lol.

The third day, appearing identical to the others. With much more workload then anticipated thanks to the same lackadaisical attitude of the seemingly new night shift employees, I worked with a very negative attitude. And my mind went right back to that strange sound….

After I finished my work, and had a few moments to spare I decided to look the word up on Google. “What the bleep is hotep?” And this is what I found:

The Egyptian word hotep (htp) translates roughly “to be satisfied, at peace”.

Whatever or whoever was telling me this, KNEW that it was a word I desperately needed to reflect on. In arabic it’s Salaam. In Hebrew Shalom. In Spanish, Paz.
Peace is what we should aim for every moment of our lives. But as we all know that is easier said than done.

Next time you find yourself overburdened remember that word…. Peace. Know that you cannot control everything and that’s okay.

Whatever you can control, change until you’re at peace. Whatever you can’t control, let go……and as they say Let God.

Let something Higher then you, figure it all out and just be at peace with the moment. Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t stress over yesterday. …live for now. And enjoy now. Be grateful for now and be at peace.



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