My First LOA Encounter


I first discovered the Law of Attraction in 2012 and was the biggest skeptic out there. Later in 2013 I decided to start researching and further studied the law of attraction reading numerous books about it.  In 2014 I received my first “proof” that it does indeed work. I imagined myself with a new vehicle.

As a then stay at home mother with no income, I knew this would be a sight to see if it did indeed worked. I visualized myself everyday driving around. I visualized the color and the body style. I thought about how it made me feel to finally have my own vehicle. Three months later, my husband unexpectedly received a lump sum of money, found my car at a used cars sales lot, and bought it for me. I couldn’t believe it.

Since then I’ve been using Loa in all aspects of my life. From finding a new job, to starting up my own investment business and improving my marriage and health. If it worked for skeptical old me and thousands of others, it definitely will work for you too!

What’s your story? Have you experienced any manifesting using the Law of Attraction?


2 thoughts on “My First LOA Encounter

  1. At first, I didn’t fully understand the law of attraction but I have been reading this blog and the lady who’s name is Kelly breaks it down really well. So, I am on my journey to applying it into my life. Sometimes, I can be so negative. It’s something that I am working on. I’m starting with not complaining as much and to be grateful for everything that I have. Make dua for me Sis.

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    • Hey Maketta. Yea it’s amazing. It does teach gratitude just as you mentioned, and the Bible and Qur’an also teach the power of being grateful. Allah says “Be grateful, and I’ll give you more.” I honestly feel that He Created the law of attraction just like the other laws that govern this world to help us. And if we ask Allah to help us become more positive and we then believe He will help us, it will be so. It will all work out sis, just stay positive and Believe Allah will Help. =)


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