Where art thou O Romeo/Juliet?


Are you still looking for your Romeo or Juliet? Let me guess, your last relationship fell apart and left you with more than just a bad taste in your mouth. And if I can further play the role of Psychic Chantelle, I also see that you fear finding the same exact qualities in your future potential mates that your ex so haughtily & dangerously carried around like poisonous arrows. Well let me break the evil cycle and spell for you.

The reason why you haven’t found prince or princess charming is because of your thoughts and feelings. You have been thinking about your experience and remembering the hurt, betrayal, and anguish and reliving those emotions creating nothing but negative vibrations to go out and come right back to you.

So you already know what you DON’T like in a spouse, how about we change the pattern up and start focusing on what you DO like in a mate. Make a list of all the qualities you want in a mate and visualize yourself loving this person. Visualize the daily activities, the sights, sounds and even smells of your ventures. Hopefully no bathroom ventures are being pictured lol.

When we focus on the negative even if it was a past experience,  we are merely recreating more of the same experiences for our future selves. And you and I both know you DON’T want any of those experiences to be repeated. Who likes having a broken heart? No one. So do yourself a favor and utilize the power of belief, the power of the l.o.a. and change your vibration.

Focus on all the good that your future mate will do and all the good emotions connected with those experiences and see how quickly you bump into Mr./Ms. Right at the grocery store…or library, wherever you feel comfortable meeting him/her. You are creating the situation so visualize it and believe without any doubts that it will occur.

If  you continously think about him/her in this positive and optimistic way, your vibration will allow you to attract him/her. It’s time to trust again. It’s time to let your guard down and BELIEVE.


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