It’s all how you say it

Data Flow XXL Series

Affirmations are specially constructed sentences that you “affirm” to yourself and more specifically your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that controls logic and reasoning. It is the part you use when you’re wide awake and fully aware of your surroundings. It solves problems and acts on whatever you intend. Such as making a sandwich cause your hungry or walking (or driving) to a particular place for whatever reasons. Your conscious mind is also like a bouncer at a club. He will throw out any ideas or belief systems that may not agree with your already learned beliefs. If someone called you a loser, but you know yourself to have made several accomplishments thus far, your conscious mind will grab that name “loser” by the shirt and toss him to the curb where he belongs.

Now your subconscious mind is the part responsible for involuntary actions such as heart rate,  breathing (when we aren’t thinking about it), digestion etc. It’s active when we are in a deep sleep and has been known to be mysteriously connected to the universe. You’ve heard of that term “Collective Consciousness”? It’s referring to every single persons subconscious mind being connected together via the universe and/or The Creator. The subconscious mind is powerful and plays a very large part in The Law of Attraction and manifesting your dreams/aspirations. Affirmations are usually done on a conscious level and are always filtered by the subconscious mind because they usually don’t match your belief system.

If  you want to change any of your negative beliefs you have to first convince the conscious mind to accept that new belief. The ‘bouncer’ will then let the new belief pass to the subconscious mind and stay to work it’s magic. A quicker way to realize your affirmations is to say them when you are in a lower brain wave like when you’re hypnotized (trance state). The concious mind (bouncer) isn’t on duty and is away on the john leaving the door open to suggestions. Come on in affirmations lol.

So back to affirmations and how to make them.

  1. Make them in the present tense. “I am” not ” i will be”. “I have” not “I’m going to have”.
  2. Use a word that elicits emotion such as “happy”, “grateful”, “excited”.
  3. Always keep it positive!

Some examples are:

“i am so grateful that I have a new job”

“I feel relaxed and happy now that I am financially free.”

“I am living in perfect health and I feel young.”

“It feels great when I accomplish all of my goals each day.”

“I am grateful for my 6 figure income and feel happy everyday.”

Consistency is the key. Read your affirmations out loud 3 X a day (I like the sacred number 3) and do them EVERYDAY. Don’t skip days if you’re serious on seeing results quickly. And remember to be in a quiet room,  with tranquil music or soundscapes In the background. Breathe deeply while emptying your mind until you reach a meditative trance like state. Then read your affirmations out loud, calmly and with full belief in them.

What are your favorite affirmations? How long did it take before you saw any results? Share with us below.


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