Fake it till you make it

22140-Mansion-Backyard-PoolImagine yourself right now, sitting pool side enjoying a cocktail as you relax in YOUR mansion. You look around and see a massive pool with an extensive patio and pool bar. You have everything you could need or want at your disposal. A Butler and several maids if you so wished.

For many, this daydream is an actual dream and goal. For others who enjoy the much simpler life, this visualization could be replaced with a more appropriate one that caters to YOUR desires. But for ALL OF US, when we allow ourselves to indulge in these daydreams we trigger the same part of our brain that is triggered if we were actually in that scenario! The neurotransmitters still fire off the same chemicals and make the same brain waves in both instances. The same feeling of happiness and relaxation is what causes those positive vibrations to be sent out into the universe and ultimately come right back to us.

At the same token if we always bombard our imaginations with images of loss, betrayal, fear, anxiety; those emotions that are elicited during the daydream will trigger negative vibrations to be sent out and then come back to us.

With the law of attraction,  like attracts like. Whatever you send out via thoughts and emotions is what will come back.

So a great tool to utilize the power of the Loa is visualization and feeling the RIGHT emotions. Feeling abundant,  happy, free, rather than fearful, doubtful, lost, or hurt.

Fake it till you make it. Feel wealthy even if you aren’t.  Feel and see yourself as happy and successful,  even if you haven’t reached your goals yet. Send off those positive vibrations and watch them come right back.

Have you ever paid attention to your emotions and thoughts and witnessed the same situations come back to you?  Where were you and what happened? Where they positive or negative?  Share your experience with us.


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