Celebrity secret: Becoming famous

Do you guys have a favorite celebrity or idol? Mine is Bill Gates. I admire his hard work and dedication that brought him his fortune. I have a few others that I admire but the point I want to express in this blog is the secret of pretending to be famous or wealthy like your favorite celebrities.

Lady Gaga once said , “I knew I was famous even before anyone ever knew me.” The secret that she practiced was feeling, acting and thinking as if she was already famous and admired by fans. I know how it sounds at first ….A bit on the delusional and perhaps narcissistic for many. Lol But trust me, the famous have all at one point (most likely many times over) acted and role played in this fashion.

Remember,  the feelings and thoughts you have go out into the universe and come right back to you.  If you want to be famous, act and feel it NOW. Feel gratitude for your adoring “fans”. Lol (They’ll come don’t worry). If you want to become a model, start practicing your runway walk and poses. Watch it over and over and go out there and audition. Music is your love? Go dj at parties. Set up some songs and PERFORM THEM. Go sing on someone else’s song and feature for them.

If you want good health, visualize your body in top shape and optimally functioning. Feel the vitality and cleanliness of a top notch immune system. Know that your body is strong and you rarely get sick. If you believe it, it WILL be!

You can literally apply this to any facet of your life. Act as if and it will become a reality. 0612forbes


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