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Germany, Bavaria, Mid adult woman sitting in meadow and looks to Wendelstein

My Story

Read more about who I am and why I chose to help others using everything i’ve learned along the way. I also update this site with my personal experiences with LOA. My name is Chantelle Zapata and I am an entrepreneur, writer, lifelong student, and mother of 4. I love reading, learning, and helping other people…[read more]

4 Ways To Effectively Utilize Your Facebook Profile

If you’re a professional or entrepreneur you have to remember your brand is YOU first and foremost. I want to share 4 tips I’ve encountered on how to effectively utilize your Facebook account… so let’s get started! 1) Use a Captivating Profile Picture: Use a close up picture of your face and show those pearly whites. Let them see your eyes and a genuine smile, it allows them to see that you’re friendly, trustworthy and approachable…[read more]


FREE VIDEO: The Secret to Success is Mindset

Regardless of your background, beliefs or business…your mindset is what will make or break you. In this video i’ll show you what you need to do in order to start seeing…[read more]

My Affirmations Aren’t Working

I’ll teach you why your affirmations aren’t working and the correct way to do them. Affirmations are specially constructed sentences that you “affirm” to yourself and more specifically your subconscious mind.Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that controls logic and reasoning. It is the part you use when you’re wide awake and fully aware of your surroundings. It solves problems and acts on whatever you intend…[read more]


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